Stephen SchΓΌz

Hi there πŸ‘‹

... I'm a software developer with a professional background in finance and real estate

At the moment I'm mainly freelancing. If you're looking for someone to build your web app, or fix an existing one, I'd be more than happy to talk πŸ“©

I've been working mainly on Ruby on Rails, a framework I've grown to love. It's a full-stack framework that drastically increases development speed due to its streamlined approach. Check out my stack.

About me

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ From Switzerland

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Software Developer

πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Surfing & musing on the good life

🍝 Massive foodie, check out my recipes

My work

My stack

Ruby is my main language

"A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write."

I β™₯️ Ruby on Rails

"Rails is a full-stack framework. It ships with all the tools needed to build amazing web apps on both the front and back end.
Rendering HTML templates, updating databases, sending and receiving emails, maintaining live pages via WebSockets, enqueuing jobs for asynchronous work, storing uploads in the cloud, providing solid security protections for common attacks..."

Famous companies are using Rails: Airbnb, Shopify, Coinbase or, among many more, Heroku

Javascript, different shades

This page was programmed using plain Javascript.
I'm also very fond of Rails' approach to Javascript: Stimulus and Turbo
At the moment, I'm also learning how to use React.

Other things

Github: Don't know how else one develops software πŸ€”
Dart Sass for organising my frontend πŸ˜…
Heroku for deployment
Word Press for a low-code prototype
form.io for an implementation of complex conditional form logics.

Own initiative: Translaite

In 2023, as a side project to experiement with chatGPT's API, I developed an app that translates non-English prompts to English (via DeepL) and only then requests a ChatGPT completion, which, in turn, gets translated back to the input language. Click on the image below for more details:

The main goal of this project was to get more familiar with the openAI's API and, using DeepL's API to both pre-translate prompts, as well i18n an entire page. All dynamic aspects, such as adding the responses to the chat page, or translating existing prompts have been coded with Hotwire.

Check out the app and feel free to use it yourself: Translaite

Freelance @ uCatalog

In 2022 - ongoing, I landed a freelance gig to develop a consumer app for a client in the Netherlands. The app is an inheritance inventory managment system, where users can collevtively decide on how to distribute the estate of a deceased person. Each inventorised item goes through different stages, where by the destination per item gets determined. The app includes a stripe subscription logic and a good share of javascript for dynamic interactions.

Own initiative: Goormey

In 2021, as a side project, I built a multi-user platform to create, share and interact with home-cooked recipes. Click on the image below for more details:

The main goal of this project was to get more familiar with the stimulus approach to javascript. All dynamic aspects, such as liking, searching, rearraning nested attributes, image preview, etc. are achieved using stimulus. Of course, the platform also serves a need: I want to record and share my favourite recipes with my friends πŸ˜‹

Check out the app and feel free to use it yourself: Gooremy App

Own initiative: In Frieden

In 2020, I built a platform for users to create, share and interact with obituary pages for their deceased loved ones. Click on the image below for more details:

The app is still online, but I donwgraded it to a free tier heroku plan: Demo App *

* The free tier heroku plan may take up to 30s to launch the app..

Freelance @ Bjj Dojo Berlin

In 2020, I created a student management system for the Bjj Dojo Berlin martial arts school. Click on the image below for more details:

Here's a demo version, which I prepared with anonymous user data: Demo App *

For full admin funcionality use: Username: demo@bjj.com
Password: aaaaaa
(Please don't change anything)

* It's a on a free tier heroku plan, give it some time to start up (up to 30s)..


πŸ’΅ CFO @ upstart real estate fund

Setting up & planning of Bafin regulated real estate asset management company in Germany (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft, externe Verwaltung Alternativer Investmentfonds)
Member of executive board as CFO in newly created company
Fund for international pension funds, with focus on development projects

πŸ›  Tech lead @ submissi.o.

Software lead @ legal tech startup digitizing public tenders and procurements

Responsible for implementation and programming of minimum viable product (MVP): Compliance tool taking user through complex decision making tree (ca. 200 decisions) via a wizard
Output: Legally compliant invitations to tender

πŸ— Controller @ Steiner

Head commercial (controlling) - Real estate development

Responsible for group development (RED) commercial management
Portfolio: ca. CHF 3bn, revenue: ca. CHF 300m
Shifted closing and reporting to ERP (SAP), away from excel
Revamp of liquidity planning process between treasury and RED department

Commercial Manager (controller) - Real estate development

Financial management of development, investment & finance initiatives department (RED & IFI)
Development & implementaiton of new reporting tool & process, detailing P/L and portfolio views
Monthly closing, budgeting & reconciliation of department (P/L & B/S)
Business partner of real estate department (financial modelling, cash flow planning)
Implementation of SAP (BI/BO, Planning)

FP & A analyst

Financial consolidation of group reporting (revenue ca. MCHF 800) for CFO
Integral support in implementation of Steiner Investment Foundation
Lead in due diligence for issuance of corporate bond

πŸ›  Founder @ Zurich Taekwondo T.

Co-Founder and coach @ Zurich Taekwondo Team (ZTT)

Co-founded and trained a taekwondo school
Managed to get sponsoring by Zurich Insurance
Became member of the Swiss Taekwondo Association


πŸ’» Coding Bootcamp @ Le Wagon

Full-stack web development - Batch #189, Bali

Content: Ruby, Rails, OOP, database & SQL, front-end (HTML, CSS, JS), Github
Check out the curriculum
Course included project weeks, implementing own ideas in a team of up to 4. Projects cover design, user stories, software development, cooperation on Github and deployment of app on heroku
Checkout the demo of the app we created

🏒 Masters' real estate @ Uni Zurich

Real Estate Management - University of Zurich

Published dissertation in Immobilienwirtschaft Aktuell 2018 – BeitrΓ€ge zur Immobilienforschung on spatial distribution of rental prices relative to incomes
Check out the full thesis here

🎲 Masters' political economy @ KCL

Political Economy - King's College London

Wrote a thesis on how and when formal institutions change based on informal ones, which won an award for best dissertation of the year and was published as a working paper by the department
The paper was also nominated for a UK wide prize of The International Consulting Economists' Association (ICEA) and the Development Studies Association (DSA)
Graduated with distinction

πŸ“ˆ Bachelors' business @ ZAHW

International Management - Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Studied in China @ the Nottingham University Ningbo
Studied in South Korea @ the Sungkyunkwan University

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